Film Emulation Power Grades



Our Film Emulation pack is more flexible and customizable compared to a LUT or LUT pack. LUTs, whether they are technical or creative, are singular, defined, and destructive transformations, meaning input data is clipped to a restricted range of output data, and the look is baked in, not adjustable. As a PowerGrade, the pack is node-based and parametric, so non-destructive adjustments can be made to each individual aspect of a look according to taste or need.


Century8mm's pack is a film emulation PowerGrade for Davinci Resolve. More than a LUT, and more than a plug-in, our pack is a full, node-based image-processing pipeline.
It is a look creation tool for colorists and cinematographers seeking to recreate 16mm celluloid film looks.
The PowerGrade contains a variety of built-in looks and options, but is also fully customizable to suit the needs of any project.

Same for our luts, you will receive
10 presets, 10 different styles, 1 bundle. Explicitly designed to bring back the aesthetics of film. Easy adjustable, whether you are looking for subtlety or a full-blown film effect, we have got you covered, simply adjust the level to your liking.

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