Film Burns


- 4K Scans ProRes 444 files
- made with 16mm Kodak Vision film stock
- 21 different and unique Film Burns
- Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut Pro, AE   and Davinci Resolve
- Easy and simple to use
- includes Real scanned grain as bonus

About our pack

Between every two shots, there are several frames that are overexposed because the film is stationary for a long time. This overexposure bleeds into the adjacent frames.

The pack includes 21 4k 444 ProRes Film Burns options to achieve the film look with maximum flexibility.  unlike all other film burns packs out there that give you only 10, we want you to have creative freedom and diversity every time you come back to edit.

Just simply drag & drop above your video and set the Blend mode to "Overlay" and start creating.

Scanned from real 16mm film

No matter what resolutions your projects call for needs either now or in the future, you'll be able to cover every pixel in stunning film texture.

We had a lot of fun experimenting with them and we're sure they'll spark your creativity and save you precious time.


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