16mm Film pack

Introducing a unique bundle of real Kodak 16mm film grain, film burns and film mattes overlays that gives you more control and style in adding the grit and texture that makes 16mm magical. Offered in 1080p and 4K UHD resolution.


- Prores 444 codec files
- 23.98 frames per second
- Modular design for most accurate film look
- Compatible with Premiere, FCPX, AE and  Davinci Resolve

We tested, shot and experimented with  all available Kodak Stock - 50D, 250D and 500T which were scanned at 4k ProRes.

these film scans feature a subtle high quality grain while preserving all the beautiful texture that gives 16mm footage all its character.

Behind the Scenes


 film emulation lut pack -


Film Emulation Power Grades -